Nipple and Areola Tattoo

Procedure Information


mastectomy and breast reconstruction, many breast cancer survivors choose to undergo a non-invasive procedure called 3d nipple tattoo  and areola repigmentation/restoration instead. It is a simple, fast procedure and create a realistic look. This is a process in which the areola, and sometimes a even 3-dimensional looking nipple, is tattooed onto the breast Areola restoration and 3D nipple tattooing is delicate, specialized work, requiring artistic as well as technical skill.

With either a bi-lateral or uni-lateral (one side) breast reconstruction, I will work closely with each client to find the best color, shape and size of the nipple for each client’s body and personal choices. The process includes a color and shape consultation and design as well as a follow up appointment to ensure the most natural results.

It is a final step in a long journey and often helps clients move from survival to a feeling of normalcy.

Scar Camouflage after Breast Surgery

To improve the scarring around the areola due to breast reduction or breast lift surgery.

Pigments are mixed to match the areola outward to cover the scar.


For men and woman who have areola which are too small, asymmetrical and too pale, with cosmetic tattooing a balance can be created.

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